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I prefer and respond to emails best as I check these in the evenings. When working, I ignore my phone to focus on the work. Refreshing, isn't it?
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Local - Inexpensive - Reliable - Friendly

The way we live and find work people is constantly played on by large companies who believe their ruthless and 'clever' methods are best. I have always found 'trust' and 'care' is more important than the 'promise' itself. I keep my word. That's it.


Do It Yourself Tips


Not a company - just me!
Many Handyman Services are corporate, often national, and they send out someone local like me to do the work. But the problem with this kind of service is PRICE. You're not just paying the Handyman but the people taking your call, the shareholders, and the bosses too.

When you use me, you will only have one person to pay, not half-a-dozen. And I never, ever, over-charge or ask for more than what we (you and I) agree to do the job before I start.

You can find examples of the work I will do for you below, but always give me a call, as this list is for guidance only: it is not exhaustive.

A few of the jobs I can do: cupboards mended. Plumbing repairs. Tiling. Picture hanging. Lights. Small electrical work. Fence, shed, wall repairs. Guttering, cladding, windows repaired, external painting, internal painting (I don't do wall-papering). Shelving. Bulb replacement. External lights. Garage door repairs, gates, doors, shed re-roofing, locks installed or replaced, doors hung, jamming doors fixed. Toilets cisterns repared, curtain rails put up, and much more!

I pride myself on my fairness, my word, and my honesty... often - rare qualities to find today.

EMAIL Me Here.
Phone me here:
0771 046 2758

If you have a major worry regarding a problem at your home, please see my Emergency help here.

My charges and other questions you may want answered can be found here.

What area do I cover?
I live in Frilford at  A   on the map. I cover all the places you see on the left. Obiously, the further I have to travel, the more I hope your job is a bit more work than a leaking tap, but the closer you live to me, the smaller, and smaller, the job I will come and do... even one leaking tap.

I possess a wide range of related and unrelated skills including computer and internet technologies as well. I have personally converted two houses into flats - doing all the work myself.

I can do most of the work which  needs a specialised tradesman but I can do the type of work which involves many specialised skills. I will always say if a job is cheaper or better for you to employ a specialist instead.

What I do not do: I am not able to do any form of work on gas appliances or supplies to gas appliances due to the law regarding gas services. I do not remove wasp nests, mow lawns or do any form of gardening or tree-felling.  I do not do major roof work on main dwellings.