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A few questions answered.

How much do you charge?
Much less than corporate handyman services! The National guideline for Handyman work is between 12 to 18 pounds per hour.

Do you charge by the hour?
No. I give you an estimated price for any work to be done. This way you will know what the work will cost. In almost every case, the estimated cost will be the final cost. If something pops up unexpectedly while I am doing the work, I will show you and explain what the options are if it looks like it may cost more. I am very experienced so most times, this never happens.

Can you do electrical work?
I was a qualified electrician but the laws governing electrical work altered a few years ago. I did not go for the new qualification but I can do the work and I  have a fully qualified colleague who will come, check, and certificate my work.

Can you give me some idea of your charges?
It really is like Quoting the proverbial piece of string as every  job is different but I recently did the following (charges include both materials and labour)...

I replaced a tap washer in Marcham, 5 minutes drive away.
Charge: 20.00

I repaired and painted a wooden mailbox located in a drive about 5 mins drive away.
Charge: 55.00

I took a small trailer load of rubbish from Tubney to Drayton.
Charge: 30.00

I re-felted a large garden shed.
Charge: 120.00

I did some bibs and bobs for a home-owner in Marcham, about 2 hours work including putting a new lock on their back door (they had the new lock)
: Charge 40.00.

If you do work for me and what you do ends up not working, what happens?

If, on the unlikely occasion, something I do for you does not fix the issue, I will come back and do it again for nothing. If I fail to fix the issue, I will return all money you paid me, without protest.