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Big Bang
Multiverse (Bubbles)
Holographic Universe 1
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Conflicting Theories
Double Slit Experiment
Intelligent Design
RNA, DNA, Factory
Near Death Experience 1
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by Mol Smith

Q: Does this book explain God's purpose on earth?
A: Don't be daft.  Please visit another site!

Q: Is this book talking about pseudo science?
A: No.

Q: Does it have a lot of maths in it?
A: None.

Q: Is it true?
A: Yes.

Q: What qualification, profession, or status makes you an authoritative writer on this topic?
A: Only the one thing. I have pondered about it all of my life and looked at philosophy, science, art, and the natural world to find clues and evidence. I have written continually for a science site I founded 20 years ago. I am a free kind of thinker who remains free from all idealisms.

Q: Is it talking about Infinity and 'stuff I find difficult to get my head around' ?
A: Yes. Quite a lot, but it attempts to put difficult ideas and facts into ways you... er... 'can get your head around'.

Q: I'm not really into science. I'm more spiritual. Will it do anything for me?
A: I think what you will discover will certainly be something you can consider deeply and so, yes... it will do a lot, which I think will be positive for you.

Q: I am a scientist. Is this one of those books criticising science?
A: Not really. No. Science is a powerful and invaluable tool for all human-kind. I support scientific thinking. That said, yes... there is some criticism of underlying dogma. But you might find such expression an aspect you agree with?

Q: What exactly is the main thrust of the book?
A: Powerful scientific discoveries and theories fail to find a coherent voice to translate recent discoveries into a way non-scientific people can understand properly. The thrust of this book is to do what science, and their media-ambassadors fail to do. It explains how those new discoveries impact on philosophical questions most people ask.

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About the author: Mol smith is the founder and coordinator of one of the most visited science sites on the Internet: Microscopy-UK and is the author of several published  books relating to science.