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Big Bang
Multiverse (Bubbles)
Holographic Universe 1
Holographic Universe 2
Holographic Universe 3
Conflicting Theories
Double Slit Experiment
Intelligent Design
RNA, DNA, Factory
Near Death Experience 1
Near Death Experience 2
Near Death Experience 3





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by Mol Smith
Is this book for me?

If you are rational and believe evidence  should be presented in a coherent way; if you wonder about whether or not our lives have any meaning to them; if you are not already conditioned totally by any kind of faith system; or if you believe in a faith system but you also believe science offers a powerful tool to discover truth; if you are curious, or intelligent; if you wish to explore matters often difficult to understand... yes! This book is for you.

It is written to provide facts and discoveries in an understandable way deliberately to ensure ordinary people can realise what is going on which they are not informed of correctly. The mumble-jumble of scientific jargon hides the truth. This book removes that veil. You get to see what you are not being told. You start to perceive more of the truth about who and where you are in reality and the Universe.

About the author: Mol smith is the founder and coordinator of one of the most visited science sites on the Internet: Microscopy-UK and is the author of several published  books relating to science.