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Big Bang
Multiverse (Bubbles)
Holographic Universe 1
Holographic Universe 2
Holographic Universe 3
Conflicting Theories
Double Slit Experiment
Intelligent Design
RNA, DNA, Factory
Near Death Experience 1
Near Death Experience 2
Near Death Experience 3


42 PLUS 1
The official web site of the book
by Mol Smith

These are the links published in the appendix of the book. This will help the reader to exploit these references instead of typing them in. They form part of the experience of 42Plus1. I don't believe they will make sense to anyone accessing this resource who has not read the book.

Chapter 1: From then to now
Amoeba (About)  (Video)
Author: Immanuel Velikovsky - Worlds In Collision-(UK)  (USA)
Author: Roger Penrose - Shadows Of The Mind-(UK)  (USA)
Author: Contact Roger Penrose
Author: Roger Penrose Video
Big Bang Theory
Bubble Universe
Carbon 1  Carbon 2
Carbon Based Life
Paramecium (About)  (Video)
Chapter 2: Reality is obscure

Double Slit Experiment  (About)  (Video)
Quantum Entanglement  (About)  (Video)
Chapter 3: Many worlds: multiple realities
Hugh Everett III (November 11, 1930 July 19, 1982)   Many Worlds
Wave Function  (About)  (Video)


Chapter 4: Who am I?

Book: The Boy Who Told Who Killed Him
Old Souls (Dr. Ian Stevenson)
Spatial Awareness

Chapter 5:  Clues in our biology point to our
profound identities

Author: Rupert Sheldrake Web Site
Book: The Science Delusion
Memory Fields Lecture
Science Set Free Video

Chapter 6: Why is there anything?

Big Bang Video
Dark Matter
Vacuum Fluctuation

Chapter 7: A miracle

Drawings Of Algae - Book by Christine Brodie
Emergence of life (Wiki)
Goldilocks Universe
Stephen Wolfram (Web site)
   Book: A new kind of science

Chapter 8: One mind: many minds?

DMT: The God drug (wiki)
Video1 of Terence McKenna
Video2 of Terence McKenna
NDE (Near death experience)

Chapter 9: Where do we live now?

Most resolved image of the Milky Way
NASA Images

Chapter 10: Rise of the machines

Asimo Robot (specs) pdf  (Video)   (Web Site)
Female Humanoid Robot  (Video)   (Web Site)
Swarming Drones (GRASP Web Site)  (Video)

Chapter 11: Purpose

No external references

Chapter 12: Are we really somewhere else?

Black Holes (About)  (Event Horizon)
David Bohm  (Web Site)  (About)  (Video)
Holometer (Fermilab)

Chapter 13: Conclusions

No external references
Chapter 14
No external references
Chapter 15

No external references

About the author: Mol smith is the founder and coordinator of one of the most visited science sites on the Internet: Microscopy-UK and is the author of several published  books relating to science.