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Big Bang
Multiverse (Bubbles)
Holographic Universe 1
Holographic Universe 2
Holographic Universe 3
Conflicting Theories
Double Slit Experiment
Intelligent Design
RNA, DNA, Factory
Near Death Experience 1
Near Death Experience 2
Near Death Experience 3


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by Mol Smith


In the last few decades, the most advanced scientific minds in the world have discovered something extraordinary which impacts on everyone's lives; something which will make you evaluate everything you are and the way you think. But not a whisper has been heard about the meaning of this to ordinary people! Scientists employed in professional and academic institutions are gagged. This book explains the reasons why they are silenced, and exposes the astonishing secret they cannot tell you. The truth, once known, is impossible to deny. Finally, it answers the questions of why you are here, who you are, and what the reality you live in actually is. The solutions are both profound and astonishing! If you seek the answers to these questions, this book is for you.

About the author: Mol smith is the founder and coordinator of one of the most visited science sites on the Internet: Microscopy-UK and is the author of several published  books relating to science.